​​For years the Texas House has been where conservative reforms go to die.  Liberal Republican Speaker Joe Straus and his allies have made it their mission to obstruct conservative Republicans. 

Sadly, our state representative Paul Workman is part of the problem.  Year after year, studies rank Workman as one of the most liberal Republicans in the Texas House where he has repeatedly joined hands with Democrats on everything from raising taxes, to protecting unions, to supporting open borders.  Millions of dollars in campaign donations from lobbyists and special interests have been used to mislead Republican voters into reelecting Workman and other liberal Republicans to maintain the status quo.  

  • ​​​Employ 21st century technology to seal the border and monitor activity. 
  • Completely eliminate economic magnets like Sanctuary Cities (like Austin).
  • Stop back door amnesty schemes like in-state tuition.
  • Stop relaxed hiring standards for illegals and institute E-Verify.

Beware! – There are phony pro-life organizations in Texas that do not fully support the pro-life agenda and promote candidates with flimsy records on Life.  Paul Workman voted to allow 3rd trimester abortions in Texas before later changing his vote when it became clear he was out of step with Republicans.  Workman is noticeably absent from all efforts to strengthen pro-life legislation in the House and supports the leadership team that kills pro-life bills.

Property Tax Reform

Our current property tax system effectively means homeowners lease their own homes from the government.  Texas must dramatically lower our current property taxes and ensure government lives within its means.

​Last session Paul Workman joined Democrats to vote against improvements to the House’s weak property tax legislation that would have saved Travis County taxpayers millions in property taxes.  Leadership played parliamentary games until the clock ran out and even the meager relief provided under the bill died..  Workman also joined Democrats voting to allow local school districts to be able to raise property tax rates without voter approval.  

  • Fight radical environmentalists and employ every resource possible to make sure the Y at Oak Hill and other overdue improvements are finally completed. I will not take “NO” for an answer or settle for more “studies”.  We know what the problems are.  Let’s fix them now. 
  • Push for more traffic signal synchronization and flex commuting. 
  • Reject urban rail schemes, which would bust the budget and are doomed to fail like they have in other cities across the country.
  • Oppose toll roads.

Protect The Border Now

We need more than a “dialogue” on immigration, as Paul Workman advocates – we need to enforce our laws.  Texas must act now.

We should:

Paul Workman has been in office for nearly a decade with no leadership on any transportation issues.  Workman supports toll roads and has voted with Democrats to empower new and more expensive toll roads in Texas. 

Paul Workman proudly supports granting legal status to illegal immigrants. Workman authored the most pro-illegal immigrant bill in recent years, which would give illegals in Texas guest worker permits and ID cards.  Even the liberal Politifact called the measure "amnesty."  Workman also opposes E-Verify and has routinely strips E-Verify requirements.  In 2017 when the Sanctuary Cities bill came before the House, Workman joined Democrats in an effort to add amendments that would make the bill completely ineffective.

It’s time to replace Paul Workman.

I will join with the House Freedom Caucus as a consistent, committed voice for our principles.  Here are my priorities as your state representative:

  • Strengthen informed consent laws in Texas.
  • Close loopholes in parental consent laws.
  • Shut down the criminal enterprise known as Planned Parenthood.


It is parents’ responsibility to educate our children.  The state’s role is to facilitate our responsibility as parents, not replace parents. 

I will:

  • Prioritize teachers and classrooms over top-heavy bureaucracies that drain resources and detract from the mission of schools – to prepare our children for success at the direction of parents. 
  • Fight for more freedom for parents to educate their children through homeschools and private parochial schools without governmental interference.
  • Fight for the right for students to display patriotic items on school property.
  • Oppose costly and ineffective mandatory pre-school programs. 
  • Oppose Common Core mandates from the federal government.
  • Promote English-only curriculum.
  • Support Texas college admissions based solely on merit, not quotas. ​

Economic Freedom

The Texas House is led by Republicans who talk tough at election time but fight conservatives’ efforts to shrink government when they think the grassroots aren’t watching.

I will fight every day to shrink government and roll back needless regulations.

​My priorities are:

Transportation Reform

Texas needs to overhaul how we build roads. Replacing the current bid-design-bid-build contracting model with a design-build model would save taxpayers billions of dollars and accelerate the completion of much-needed road projects.  Studies have shown that design-build contracting can save nearly 30% on the cost of a project and reduce construction time by as much as a year. 
I will:

​​Protecting The Unborn

I am proudly and unapologetically pro-life. 

This is personal for Sally and me.  When our unborn son was diagnosed with a devastating heart condition, doctors advised us to terminate the pregnancy.  We searched far and wide for ways to save our baby’s life at great personal and financial expense. 

Our son underwent experimental surgery on his tiny heart in the womb – one of the first to ever to undergo the procedure.  After five open-heart surgeries, Anders is a happy 10 year old who swims, bikes, and kayaks.  We can’t imagine our lives without him. 

That’s why I will:

Paul Workman supports gun free zones because “people should be allowed to say no you can’t bring a gun here.”  Workman voted to enact gun free zones on college campuses and refused to sign on in support of any version of a constitutional carry bill in Texas.

  • Zero-Based Budgeting so every dollar is accounted for and savings more easily found
  • Restrict spending to population growth plus inflation rather than the current model, which spends billions more than necessary.
  • Cutting needless regulation and unfair laws that restrict competition.
  • Rejecting corporate welfare in all its forms.
  • Full elimination of the business franchise tax. 
  • Ending municipal bans on retail plastic bags.
  • Protecting the Rainy Day Fund from use for ongoing expenses.

For nearly a decade Paul Workman has failed to lead on school choice.  Workman joined Democrats in voting against school choice for special needs kids while adding billions of dollars in new taxes every 2 years.  

Our 2nd Amendment Rights

I’m a proud member of the NRA, the National Association for Gun Rights, and Lone Star Gun Rights.  I will fight hard to defend our rights from liberals and timid Republicans who seek to water down our 2nd Amendment rights. 

I will: 

  • Support constitutional carry.
  • Oppose schemes designed to chip away at our gun rights.
  • Support abolishing gun-free zones entirely.