It's been a hard journey -- Anders has had 5 open heart surgeries since birth -- but he's now a happy and active 10 year old! We can't imagine our family without him.

Travis County conservatives have had a lot to criticize about my opponent Paul Workman's record over the years, but his pro-life credentials were never in question -- until now.

This session Workman voted against a measure that would've stopped third trimester abortions of babies with severe fetal abnormalities -- babies like my son Anders.

Sally and Anders

Sally and I care very strongly about protecting unborn life because it touches us personally.

When we were expecting our younger son Anders we were told he had a crippling heart defect that would likely end his life. Sally and I were advised to terminate the life of our unborn baby.

Sally and I prayed faithfully for a way to save our baby boy's life. We travelled to Boston where doctors performed surgery on our unborn baby's heart while still in the womb! He was one of the first successful recipients of this miraculous procedure that has now saved hundreds of young lives.

In a final twist of the knife, Workman and 6 other members changed their votes the next day for the record in an attempt to conceal their pro-abortion stand from voters. (A common tactic for politicians.) Texas House rules, unfortunately, dictate that the original vote stands and third trimester abortions will continue.

Unborn babies like our son will die in Texas because Paul Workman voted to allow it. That's why Texas Right to Life gave Paul Workman the lowest score of his career for this last session.

You can count on me to always protect the unborn with the same commitment Sally and I had for our own son when he was most vulnerable.

Travis County deserves someone who will be defend the unborn. Help us by donating what you can here.

Our son Anders just started the Fifth Grade at River Place Elementary School